Final Project

Today was the first time we discussed what we might like to do for our final project for this class. We went through a couple of examples in class from what previous students did. What immediately came into my head was a video project for our ERDG class.

In our ERDG class we are working with underprivileged students, assessing their reading skills, and developing a plan to help improve their literacy skills. This is a class that I am very passionate about because I believe that literacy is the number one most important thing for students to learn. It would be extremely different to learn anything without have some sort of literacy skill.

We briefly spoke as a group and brainstormed some ideas. We thought that we would create a blog of some sort and post some “How-To” videos on the different ways to teach reading. DRTA, Shared Book Reading, and LEA are three approaches that we are familiar with and plan on working with. We thought that a “How-To” video on running records would be beneficial as well.

We only spoke about this briefly but I think we have some really good ideas and we are all really excited about taking this project on! If you have any suggestions or other approaches that you believe would be beneficial, let us know! We look forward to developing this project further! 🙂

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One Response to Final Project

  1. This sounds like a fabulous project! I will eagerly watch for your updates!

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