Educational Resources

I’ve created this page so that I can keep track of and share some valuable resources that I have learned about while taking ECMP 355. Have a look, you may find something useful! This is a free online gradebook – great for those who think Excel is a foreign language! This is another free online gradebook. I am not sure which program is better, so I am listing both! This is a website where you can find open-sourced photos! An easy way to avoid copyright issues! This website allows you to upload your photos and it will put them into a slideshow for you! Talk about taking the hard work out of the process! Then you can either upload a song of your choice or browse through their library, and your presentation will be put to the speed of your song! Check it out, it is a very simple tool that provides great results! It is free if you make videos up to 30 seconds, but for just $30 a year you can make unlimited length videos and you have access to more templates. This website makes creating comic strips easy! And the best part? It’s free!


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