The Oxford English Dictionary has been updated! Words like ‘LOL’ and ‘OMG’ have been included in the recently published version (March 24, 2011).

Check out this blog post (I came across it because it was Freshly Pressed yesterday!) OED

How do these new additions, among others (ie: muffin top) affect us as teachers? Are we going to have to modify the way we teach Language Arts? Do you think these changes may affect us at the University level? Something to think about…

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One Response to OMG OED!

  1. kelseydawne says:

    I think it is a good thing that Dictionaries are including this terminology. It is the way many students are communicating with each other. Students text speak all of the time and to ban this kind of language from the classroom may discourage students. I think it is acceptable to incorporate this kind of casual communication in the classroom in certain contexts. One possibility is to allow students to use this language while they are writing in their journals. But we need to remember there is a time and a place for each variation of language. Text speak may not be appropriate when writing an essay or during an interview. Students need to know when and why they must use a specific variations of language.

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