Social Networking to Enhance Political Campaigns?

Stephen Harper has 100,000+ followers on Twitter, Michael Ignatieff has just over 69,000. Stephen Harper has 43,000 likes on Facebook, Michael Ignatieff has 41,000. Can this reflect the way Canadians are feeling towards the upcoming election?

Apparently not.

According to a segment that was broadcasted on CTV’s Canada AM this morning, the number of followers may not accurately reflect who has the most followers. It was said on the show that while Stephen Harper has more followers, a lot of them are inactive — meaning they are not actively following Stephen Harper and his “tweets” or “posts”. Ignatieff, however, has a much more active audience.

Check out this short clip that was aired on Canada AM this morning, it’s pretty interesting:

Go to and on the right hand side under the heading “Canada AM & Jeff’s Videos” look for a video with the title¬† A Look At Social Media and The Federal Election.

How do you think social media and networking will affect this year’s election? Do you think they will be able to reach more (normally apathetic) groups (ie: young voters)?

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