Final Project Update

Well… Technology has succeeded in frustrating me again.

I downloaded all of the clips that we filmed onto my PC and tried to transfer them onto a Mac and couldn’t. The Mac would not recognize the .MOD files that my clips were in. ENTER PANIC MODE!

I texted my film editing buddy out in Vancouver to ask if he knew of a way I could change the file and he couldn’t. ENTER DOUBLE PANIC MODE!

I tried to google a solution but all the responses that came up were posted in what seemed like a foreign language (…

So I emailed my professor. He suggested at the beginning of the semester that we only use him as a last resort — he wanted to teach us independence in the technological world — but I was beginning to feel desperate.

Fortunately, he has a Twitter account. He was able to tweet out a request for help and received a lot of helpful responses, which he forwarded to me.

The irony? The thing that frustrated me the most also provided a solution to my problem… Ahh, technology.

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