Tech Task #9

For our 9th tech task we were asked to create two six-word stories based on: a current idea you’ve been exploring, a world event, something you’re reading, a curriculum concept, a photo of your own.

This semester I am taking three classes that have made me reconsider some beliefs that I have held about marginalized students. I have been pushed to think outside of the box and have realized that it is very hard to categorize and make assumptions about different “groups” of students (ie: EAL Learners, students with disabilities, FN students, etc…). This semester has reinforced the idea that every student is an individual and using predetermined assumptions when dealing with students can be detrimental to their learning. I created the following image based on this idea:

My second 6-word story is quite a bit more light-hearted. We are 3.5 weeks away from finishing classes at the University and a lot of my friends are starting to feel extremely stressed about the amount of assignments we have left to complete. My cat (featured in this picture) knows how to appreciate the simplest things in his life–his favourite toy is the plastic ring that comes off of plastic milk jugs when you first open it!

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