Final Project Update

Reading week is fast approaching so Bethann, Daniella and I have decided to focus on three main strategies to teach reading: DRTA, LEA, and Shared Book Reading.

We have each picked one of these to be the strategy that we are responsible for. I am doing DRTA. I am excited to learn more about this strategy because it focuses on predictive points in the text and I think that this strategy would be of great interest to all learners. I think that the work of reading is “hidden” in this strategy because the learners are busy using textual cues to predict what will happen next, rather than simply reading the text from beginning to end.

If anyone knows of any great websites or texts that I can use for this project, let me know! We will be working with grade 3s and 4s, so texts geared for this age group would be awesome!

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One Response to Final Project Update

  1. I look forward to updates on your project.

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