Tech Task #7 – Podcast

Our assignment for this tech task was to create a short podcast. When looking for an idea, we saw the book Easter Egg by Jan Brett and decided to create a podcast similar to one we would use for a classroom blog. The music in the background was composed using Garage Band and the voice in this podcast is mine. Have a listen!

This was my favourite tech task so far. It was quick, easy, and would be extremely useful when using a classroom blog. Up until this point I believed that a blog would only appeal to visual learners and would leave out any learners who have difficulties reading. A podcast allows the teacher to reach even more learners through the blog. No longer is a student required to read pages and pages of stuff in order to participate in a blog… All they have to do is simply listen! I really wish I knew about this tool during my pre-internship.

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2 Responses to Tech Task #7 – Podcast

  1. Well done!

    I really love Garage Band. When I taught, I really had wished we’d had Macs instead of PC’s.

  2. srcampbell says:

    Thank You!
    Yes, Garage Band is a fantastic tool, it’s so easy to use! I hope that the school(s) that I end up working in have Macs!

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