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I am including my internship blog for two reasons. I encourage anyone who is interested to look at it and provide feedback. I will openly admit that my enthusiasm and interest in the blog was much stronger at the beginning of the 4 months than it was at the end, so there are fewer and fewer posts as we neared December. My second reason for adding this to my blog is to remind myself where I was and what I accomplished prior to taking this course (and any course, really) on integrating technology in the classroom. Although my internship blog may be bland and un-inspiring, I plan on using it as a benchmark as I watch my own growth.

And for those of you who have not checked out animoto yet, I strongly suggest that you do. The short videos that I put up on my internship blog were made using animoto, and they were my students’ favourite part about the blog! You can use it for free, but you are limited to 30-second videos. I paid $30 for a full year subscription and my videos can be as long as I want them too. It is a perfect way to spotlight your students’ work!

Check it out…. doooo it!

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One Response to Internship Blog

  1. Alec Couros says:

    Thanks for sharing this – it’s great that you took the plunge during your internship and tried at least two great tools (your blog & Animoto). Perhaps we’ll try to figure out how to maintain the enthusiasm throughout an entire semester.

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