Let Me Introduce Myself…

Let me introduce myself…

I used Animoto several times throughout my internship to display my students’ work on our class blog and they loved it, so I thought I would try it on here! Hopefully it made “learning about me” a little bit more interesting… or I hope at least you enjoyed the song!

During my pre-internship I used–or thought I was using–a blog through wikispaces. Unfortunately this was a flop because that website doesn’t allow for any interaction amongst myself and my students. I decided to try to use blogger during my internship because it allowed for my students to comment on the blog without requiring a user name or a password. I appreciated the learning opportunities that blogger offered, but I found myself in a school where technological literacy wasn’t “pushed” so I soon found myself teaching using more traditional, technologically absent, lessons. I am looking forward to this class because I believe that as my confidence with technology increases, my interest in using technology within my classroom, regardless of my surroundings, will also increase.

In my 4th year at the University of Lethbridge, I took a Cyberscholarship and Literature class. One of our assignments was to create a project related to technology. Some of my peers spoke about the positive influence that video games have in our lives, others spoke to the differences between a Mac and a PC, while others created their own website the HTML way. I was inspired by a speaker that we had, a junior high teacher from the city, who talked about how he let his kids go on Facebook during class time, let them use their cellphones during tests, and had calculators readily available in any math class. Prior to listening to him speak, I thought that all three of those were taboo in the Education world. Long story short, I developed a short survey and distributed it throughout the school division asking teachers how they felt about technology in the classroom. I no longer have my paper reporting my results (Grr… technology!), but I do remember being surprised by the varying opinions of teachers in regards to technology in the classroom. I found no correlation between age, experience, grade level, or gender and the teacher’s attitude towards technology. Some teachers on the verge of retirement were very open towards technology (which was a surprise to me!) while some teachers new to the field were hesitant to introduce technology in the classroom. One consistency that I did find, however, is that the knowledge the responding teachers had about the different tools that they had available to them (ie: blogs, Moodle, video posts, etc…) was extremely minimal.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that teachers need to be shown how to use technology both efficiently and effectively in their classrooms. The majority of those in the teaching profession don’t have the time or the desire to teach themselves how to use wordpress, or blogger, or delicious. The reason I am taking this class is so that I can learn how to use technology, which I believe can be a wonderful resource when used properly.

Until next time…

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